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Ugandan Girl hates to be asked useless questions

5 Hilarious Things That Every Ugandan Girl Is Tired Of Hearing

 A Ugandan girl is known for being beautiful, attractive, caring and loving person  but despite of all these facts, A girl also faces some things that shatters her  life like any human person.

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One of the few things that a girl  faces and ruins her  life is the nagging questions that people continuously ask her that are not friendly towards herself.

Below are the few question that Ugandan girls hate to be asked

 1. ‘Really? You are wearing THAT?’

No matter what it is that she is wearing, we are forever under or overdressed for an occasion. And we honestly couldn’t care less about what anyone else thinks about that.

2. ‘Why are going out so late?’

Please explain why it is any of your business? This also among the annoying questions that Ugandan girls hate to be asked

3. ‘Please sit properly’

This is PROPER for me. Feel free to excuse yourself if it makes you uncomfortable.

4. ‘When are you getting married?’

 Most girls hate to be asked the real time as to when they are to walk down the aisle because it really pisses them off

 5. ‘Can you lower your voice?’


This may not apply to not only Ugandan women but also all the women in the universe . women really hate to be told to lower their voices.

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