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Uganda named 10th top tourist destination in the world

Being a pearl of Africa is not just a name, but its also among the top ten tourist destinations in Africa, the  title that was given to Uganda for its beautiful sceneries and maintaining the attractive scenery is such a hard task to do but a big applause is needed for the Uganda Tourism Board for over the 15 years that they have ensured in the growth and success of the tourism of the pearl of Africa.

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Well, according to CNN, Uganda is among the top 16 tourist destination that is a must to visit in the coming Year. Is this the good news the country has been waiting for?

What are the unique tourist features that are attractive in Uganda?

Uganda is the source of the longest river in Africa {R. Nile}, it’s also known as the mother of Mountain guerillas in Africa.

Uganda has got the unique cultural norms and traditions that have a taste of innovativeness within them and are so attractive for many.

When it comes to religion , Uganda is popularly known for the Uganda Martyr’s that were burnt alive for their faithfulness in their Christianity religion which made Namugongo a place to witness what happened to those Martyr’s in those days. The list is endless when you start talking about the tourist attraction in Uganda.

We wish Uganda to keep the beautiful scenery that are within its boundaries and wish the best for the Country as our Motto states: For God and My Country all the best and we welcome you to the pearl of Africa.

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