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Discover The Contaminants Potentially In Your Drinking Water

Discover The Contaminants Potentially In Your Drinking Water

You probably turn on the faucet without thinking too much about what is coming out. The water is clear and has a distinctive aroma. As far as most people are concerned that means it’s clean and safe to drink.

That’s what is really interesting! If you had brown water coming out of your taps you would assume there was an issue and that it wasn’t safe to drink. Interestingly that is not necessarily the case. But, when the water is clear, you simply assume it’s clean.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. All water is processed by water treatment centers. These centers operate according to strict government guidelines. That means they filter the water to remove debris and add chlorine to kill bacteria. They also add fluoride to strengthen teeth and bones.

While this sounds positive, research suggests that fluoride can increase your risk of cancer, and chlorine is known to have a negative effect on the respiratory system. These are two of the reasons many people are starting to have water filters fitted to their home water supplies.

In fact, chlorine and fluoride are only two of the contaminants you can find in your drinking water:


The filters at the treatment centers remove debris, that’s sticks, leaves, and sediment sat in the water. There are several filters with different grades, ideally, they will remove all the debris from the water.

But, the water travels through miles of pipes. These pipes naturally deteriorate over time, allowing small pieces of the inside of your pipe to enter the water. You won’t be able to see these contaminants but that doesn’t mean they aren’t harmful.

Biological Contaminants

Your water passes under hundreds of fields inside plastic pipes. Unfortunately, the fertilizers used by farmers and waste products from factories, can soak through the ground and then through the pipe This results in the water being contaminated before it arrives at your home. Again, you won’t be able to see these things.

Chemical Elements

These are often referred to as radiological contaminants. In fact, they are unbalanced chemical elements that can emit ionizing radiation. Radiological contaminants include plutonium,iranium, and cesium.

Alongside this, you need to consider the fluoride and chlorine that are also sitting in your water. These chemicals can be easily removed with the aid of a water filter. But, you need to take steps today to get the filter fitted.

The Bottom Line

The list of potential contaminants in your water is virtually unlimited. Water travels hundreds of miles through pipes that will allow contaminants to leach into the water supply. It’s impossible to test your water every time you want to use it.

That’s why you need to invest in a water filter system and be able to drink your tap water in confidence. You’ll notice that pure water doesn’t have the same smell or aroma as the water you used to get out of the tap. It isn’t just better for you, it tastes better!

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