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Gashumba says Uganda Youth cant be billionaires
Frank Gashumba

Ugandan Youth Can’t Be Billionaires – Gashumba

Frank Gashumba the head of Sisimuka Uganda an NGO that was put up to awaken Ugandans over their potentials and encourage them to work for the betterment of their future.

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Gashumba who is known for criticizing the government of Museveni has come out to say that its impossible for Ugandan youth to be billionaires.

In defense for his claim, Gashumba said no one else is equated to him when it comes to talking with the youth. He said that he talks to the youth more often and these youth think that they can be Dangote or Wavamunno or Sudhir in just a night.

Gashumba revealed that he has moved from different institutions talking to the youth but one thing he realized is that these youth imagine that success comes on a silver plate not knowing that success comes over a certain period of time.

He said that it’s in Uganda only where you find a 25yearold wanting to drive the same car as wavamunno wants to live a life like that of Dangote. And you find a young woman of 22 years wants to live a life of queen’s grandchildren.

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