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4 Reasons Why You Need Video Technology For Your Company

4 Reasons Why You Need Video Technology For Your Company

Australia’s technologically advanced country is forward-thinking and full of innovative ideas, and its video technology system reflects this. Despite the hassle of this pandemic, Australian businesses are outfitted with the newest technologies that help thousands of businesses continue their operation because of video tech in Australia.

The first HD televisions were introduced in the United States in 1998. And then, in 2006, eight years later, numerous Blue Ray got their initial commercial release. By 2015, the famous online video sharing site YouTube had amassed millions of views every day.

The advances in video technology that have been accomplished in roughly two decades are astounding. However, technological advancements around the globe are increasing at an exponential rate. But what exactly does that imply? It indicates that the future of video technology is just getting started.

What is the current state of a video?

Around 2020, video has surpassed all other forms of media as the most popular. With the majority of the people in Australia and globally shifting away from conventional media and online media, the internet video industry became appealing to viewers and advertisers. Many reasons have contributed to this, but one point is undeniable: video material is currently ruling the world. Here are a few intriguing statistics to support that:

  • People watch 16 hours of video each week on average.
  • Every day, nearly a billion hours of video are watched on YouTube.
  • TikTok, a social networking site, focuses on short videos with over 800 million active members globally.
  • It is predicted that by 2021, the video will account for 80% of worldwide internet traffic.
  • Video is the most effective content approach, surpassing even blogs and infographics.

What is the future of video technology?

When faced with such a tough topic, experts underlined several key areas for future progress in video technology:

Higher resolution

As you know, the higher the resolution, the clearer and sharper a video’s image. It has been a major emphasis for so many years, and video tech in Australia has made considerable advances in this area.

Increased frame rate

A higher frame rate results in smoother on-screen movement. For many years, television and other video material’s accepted practice has been 30 frames per second (fps). Nonetheless, one of the goals of Australian industry specialists is to attempt to increase the norm for uniform framerates.

Darker and brighter pixels

Expanding the existing pixel colour range might improve video content colour quality. It would result in more vibrant on-screen graphics and an improved user experience.

Improved immersion

This is among the aspects that industry analysts all over Australia anticipate will be prioritised. The commercialization and popularisation of 3D movie technologies was only the beginning. In addition to the visual experience, it now has 5D and 7D cinemas with various levels of interaction and unique effects.

All of these characteristics, according to Australian industry experts, are important for the future of video technology. Most would agree, though, that the last one in particular  has the most room for growth and shines out from the rest.

Many people believe that video technology will find homes in a variety of different locations. Consider marketing: videos are now an effective marketing tool. Think about what marketers might do with the degree of engagement and immersion that this technology provides.

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