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8 Things You Should Look Out For When Buying Headphones

8 Things You Should Look Out For When Buying Headphones

No matter whether you’re listening to podcasts, watching YouTube videos, or just enjoying your favourite music collection, one thing’s for sure – you can’t get that experience without earphones.

Headphones are the most common accessory found on smartphones these days and for good reason. However, there are quite a few things you should pay attention to when buying headphones so that you get the best possible experience from them. This list of eight things to look out for will help you find headphones that work best for your needs.

#1: Unbranded (Budget) Headphones are Not Worth the Risks

Manufacturers make cheap copies of popular branded headphones. And as a result, they sell these headsets at a fraction of their actual price. While shopping online, there’s no guarantee that you’re actually getting what is advertised.

Consider visiting multiple stores to see if they carry those brands or not. If there are no local stores available, then check other sources like forums and user reviews before making a purchase.

#2: How Important is Build Quality?

Headphones are usually made of a few materials: plastic, metal, fabric, and foam. Some people like a specific type of build, while others prefer more flexibility in their headphones’ construction. It’s important to know what kind of earbuds work best with your lifestyle and ear shape. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.

If something gets lost in translation during manufacturing or an item fails on you after only a few months of use, it doesn’t help your music experience at all. Get what feels good to you. You won’t be able to listen to songs if your earbuds aren’t comfortable or if they fall apart easily—no matter how good they sound!

#3: Does Brand Matter?

Some companies have a reputation to uphold, but what about lesser-known brands? Are they just going to produce cheap garbage with no customer service or warranty? Not necessarily. We’ve seen some of these lesser-known brands come through with stellar products and stellar results.

Sure, sometimes it takes some time before you hear about them, but more often than not, if you research well enough, you can find something that will work in your home – and work well. If an established company is producing a quality product that meets all of your needs, then by all means stick with them! But don’t be afraid to branch out either. Just make sure that whatever you buy is certified safe by a reputable organization like UL or FCC.

#4: Price Doesn’t Always Reflect Quality

Many people wrongly assume that expensive headphones are better than cheaper ones. While there is a correlation between price and quality, it’s not an absolute rule. As a consumer, you should always do your homework before purchasing any product (this means reading reviews!). You might be surprised by what someone else has to say about a pair of $200 headphones… or even $10 earbuds.

#5: Check Earbud Fit on Your Ears

If you’re looking to buy earbuds, it’s important to make sure they stay in place. One way to test whether a pair of earbuds are right for you is to put them on and turn up some music. The goal is to listen at an extremely loud volume where one can barely hear what they are listening to. If your earbuds fall out while trying this test, don’t bother with them.

If they stay in and still offer decent sound quality then they might be a good fit! Just remember that these tests will only tell you so much about a pair of earbuds – each person has different shaped ears, so YMMV (your mileage may vary).​

#6: Dangling Earbuds Will End Badly

Every single pair of earbuds that hangs like Christmas ornaments is going to break at some point. It’s a matter of time. The reason is that most people yank them out of their ears before pushing them in all the way, and yanking them at an angle just puts more stress on those wires.

So make sure your earbuds have a wire loop that goes around your ear to hold them securely in place. Also, consider getting replacement rubber ear tips—the ones that come with most bundled headphones are usually too big, so they start slipping off after a while.

#7: Know When to Go Wireless and When Not To

Wired or wireless, that is always going to be a hot topic of debate amongst audiophiles. Truth is, however, it’s not so much about which is better; rather, it’s about what’s best for you. If your goal is to enjoy music on the go (while still maintaining quality), then going with a pair of high-quality wireless cans might be ideal.

However, if your main priority is getting excellent sound quality while still being able to plug in and use a separate DAC/amp at home then sticking with wired could be right up your alley. It all depends on what kind of experience you want to have. Just remember that convenience often means compromising audio quality in some shape or form and no one wants that!

#8: All-Purpose Over-Ear vs. Ultra-Portable Models (Are You Tired of Travelling With Multiple Pairs Yet?)

Over-ear models are designed with one purpose in mind: to create a strong seal around your ear, providing you with top-of-the-line sound isolation. This reduces outside noise, allowing for greater clarity and richer bass tones. However, portability is sacrificed; a pair of over-ear cans can be bulky and uncomfortable to travel with.

If great sound quality is more important than mobility, consider shopping around in that category; if a smaller size and lighter weight are more desirable traits, opt for an ultraportable model instead.


The two most important things to consider are comfort and durability. If your Headphones aren’t comfortable, then why wear them? If they break easily, what’s the point? For both of these factors, it’s important to read reviews from other consumers. Like anything else, certain brands will give you a better value than others in terms of quality and longevity; that’s just a fact of life.

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