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9 Things That Happens When You Find Your True Love

Researchers, classic love stories, poets,[9] philosophers and the likes have shared their understanding of true love, and yet, no one has a definitive answer to what it really is.[4] We attempt to simplify this for you by listing out the most common experiences you can have when you finally find true love.

This is what will happen when you find your true love!

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1. No Dress-Up

Be it the way you look on a certain day or how you behave – none of this is a real concern when you’re with the person you truly love.[1] The comfort level is such that you can be and do anything and you won’t feel conscious around him. [10]Just an afterthought – sometimes, do dress up specially for the special one!

2. You’re Priority No. 1

That’s a given. And, of course, when you aren’t,[5] you understand that for that moment something else needs his urgent and undivided attention.[9]

3. Time For Introductions

He won’t feel an ounce of hesitation introducing you to his family and friends, and the same goes for you.[8] He feels as proud about your relationship, as do you.[6]

4. Future Planning Together

Whatever he plans – moving to a different city/ country, [2]a vacay or simply a lovely meal at a soon-to-open restaurant – his plans have you in the picture, always. Besides, he always wants your participation in the planning since you’re as much a part of the plans as he is.[12]

5. Opinions Matter

Be it what job you should take up,[8] or what hair colour he should get done – your opinions matter to each other. You both run to each other for advice and follow it too.[7]

6. Info Sharing

No, we don’t mean minute-to-minute updates. [4]That’s just unhealthy! But sharing moments and keeping each other up-to-date with the goings-on in each other’s lives is a given.

7. Watching Out For One Another

This is the case no matter where you are together – a beach party or a work meeting.[13] Making it a point that the other is doing fine and is comfortable is what keeps you both going.[3]

8. Fight And Make-Up

No fight goes on for too long with your true love. And who makes the first move towards truce also isn’t a big deal,[10] as long as you both do it every once in awhile. [2]Also, a big fight, definitely doesn’t mean you’re going to break up. Because, come on, you’re past that stage!

9. No Suspicions

There are no doubts, period! You both are loyal to each other and there is absolutely no insecurity around that. [3]In fact, you both tend to give each other the benefit of doubt when a potentially murky situation arises. [8]How easygoing is that?!

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