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Tips And Tricks On How To Benefit An Affiliate Marketer!

Affiliate Marketing is the fastest way to online profits, it’s probably the fastest way to make money online. There are numerous companies online who will definitely pay you when an online visitor comes from your site to their site and buys a product or something. You are simply a ‘middleman’.

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The commission can vary from 4 or 5% to 75%, and in some cases up to 100%. In case you are wondering why a company would pay you 100% of a sale is because they know once they have that new customer, they can sell them more products later! So it’s worth them paying you so much to get them. As you can see above, affiliate marketing is very simple. YOU send visitors from your site to the merchant’s site. When a visitor that you have referred, buys a product . . . YOU earn a commission.

Affiliate Marketing is NOT a job!

You are not employed by the companies, you don’t have to be interviewed by them, you do not have to work set hours, you do not have to report in, visit their premises or anything like that. You simply encourage your website visitors to click-through to the merchant’s site. When they do that and then buy the merchants product, YOU earn money. And you never have to deal with customers, returns or any problems related to the products. So you get all the good stuff . . . without the bad. It just couldn’t be any easier. It’s all set up VERY quickly and easily online.

They will give you a special html code known as your affiliate link, to use as your link to send your visitors through to the merchant’s products which you review on your site. (Don’t worry about this, we’ll explain it all as we go along) Once you have your site ready, you simply use your affiliate link on your site. You’ll have product reviews on your site and there is obviously a View This Product, Click To Visit The Merchant or Read More Details button next to the review. This button uses your affiliate link, so the merchant’s site knows that visitor has been sent by you.

As you can see on this mock-up site, once your visitors have read the review, they can click to visit the merchant’s site. The button they click will be coded with your personal affiliate link for that product.Depending on the merchant you’ll have a single link which covers all the merchants products or you’ll have a link per product.

It doesn’t matter which product your visitor buys, you’ll earn commission, as each review is linked to your personal affiliate link. Once your site is running, getting visitors and sales, the companies will send you your commission in cheques or pay you online, usually on a two weekly or monthly basis. The fact that there are affiliate programs for almost every niche you can think of, is the icing on the cake.

There isn’t really an offline comparison to this kind of thing. It’s unique to the web. Even commission based sales people offline have to work for a company by being interviewed first, turn up for work, talk to clients, deal with returns etc. With online affiliate marketing there’s none of that. It’s just so easy. What could be better than affiliate marketing to get you started online?
• Set up your pre-built site in a matter of a few hours at most. • Start getting visitors to your site using the FREE techniques we show you. • Earn money!

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How to succeed as an affiliate:

Learning how to succeed as an affiliate for someone else’s product is vital to your online business. 95% of the successful online marketers and entrepreneurs begun out as affiliates, selling other people’s product for a commission.

In most cases affiliate marketing is the perfect online business. You don’t have to create your own products or do customer service or answer pre-sales questions, as an affiliate you just need to promote and get paid, this sounds good right?

Yes it sounds good simply because it is really good. It can be a phenomenal way to earn money online because you don’t need to put in money to start, all you need is your laptop / PC with internet.

But the fact remains that 95% (even more) of affiliates never make a penny online and very few of the 5% who do succeed and make a full-time living online. But I believe this problem can be solved without any hassles. I want to let you know that it is not too late for you. You haven’t missed out on anything as yet.

You can begin right now and find your success as an affiliate marketer if you are fully determined and use legitimate and proven methods. Over a few years of my own affiliate marketing efforts I have discovered numerous methods that can lead to your affiliate marketing success. Here at newslexpoint we’ve compiled a lot of tips and tricks designed to help you become a super-successful affiliate marketer. It’s not a very strong statement to say that the Internet and affiliate marketing have changed the world today.

Back in early 2000 when i was younger, if someone wanted to go into business he or she needed money, and much of it, to get started. Nevertheless, they needed connections, sometimes they needed to buy a permit, and there were unlimited regulations and red tape.on top of that they needed an office and employees to begin operating.

Today the internet has made it possible for anyone with an Internet connection to find online fortune, just an idea and a computer to make a full-time living working from home, you become your own boss. It’s defintely true because that’s what happened for me. I want so much for that to happen for you as well if that’s what you would want..

I want to let you know what the quickest way to make that dream come true is to become an affiliate for somebody’s famous, popular and profitable product. Affiliate marketing can be a delightful way to earn extra income or a full-time living online.You can begun as an affiliate free of charge through these popular sites such as CLICK BANK and CLICKSURE this is mostly has or deals with digital products, you can as aswell checkout MORENICHE this mostly deals with physical products.


You need to protect your commission when it comes to affiliate marketing, many people are trying to do everything they can to make money online but there is something important they are not aware of .And that is to protect their affiliate links.

Here is the problem:

If people get to see your advertisement and they realize you are promoting an affiliate product they might be tempted to double cross around you and instead just type in the name of the merchant website directly and cheat you out of your commissions.

You may ask your self why this happens? My answer is , “ i don’t know” , it depends on someone’s heart. Nevertheless, some people will see the offer you are advertising, they will definitely join the affiliate program themselves and buy under their own links because they probably know that this is a lawful way to get a discount of the product. I would not disagree more. Affiliate programs are in existence to reward promotion, not to give out discounts to those who never worked.

Here is the Solution to that!

The simple solution is to avoid, and I mean AVOID, using naked affiliate links when you’re promoting merchant’s products. When I say naked affiliate links i definitely mean links that show that you are an affiliate.

Let us look at an example here, and thereafter i will give a few solutions. For instance we will use Clickbank and one of my own products Affordable traffic solutions, look here a standard affiliate link with Clickbank definitely looks like this below.

After creating a Clickbank link you are meant to replace the word “affiliate” with your Clickbank nickname then the vendor adds their vendor name. Therefore my “naked” link for promoting Affordable traffic solutions could look like this http://yamez.affordablets.hop.clickbank.net ,When you see this link, yamez is my affiliate ID (or nickname) and affordablets is the vendor name.

The problem is here:

The majority of people who will see that link will automatically know that its an affiliate link, what they will do is to replace the “yamez” with their Clickbank nickname and they will be given the commission instead. This is not only Clickbank that has this problem. There are many of them on the web, affiliate programs give out links that don’t actually protect you as an affiliate, therefore, in order to protect yourself you are supposed to “cloak” your link.

When I say “Cloaking” I simply mean using a link tracker, or redirect service, that creates a link that surprisingly hides the truth that you are actually using an affiliate link. There actually numerous ways to do this. Here is a few that i can recommend for you to use, together with my recommended expedient.

(1) Hypertracker:

Its always very important to use a link tracking service, this is a cloaking service known as HyperTracker. I know many cloaking services on the web today but my favorite is hyper tracker, they offer excellent service, simply because I have used it and I know it’s the best. Incase if you use a cloaking service like hypertracker, someone who sees your affiliate link will not know the type of product you are promoting.

• He / she will never see the product name.
• He / she will never see the merchant’s website address of the product you’re promoting.
• He / she will only see your tracking link that was given to you by hypertracker.

For instance, this is my affordable traffic solutions link cloaked with Hypertracker.
http://hypertracker.com/go/newslexpoint/affordablets/. All link trackers will definitely hide your affiliate link from being visible. Therefore incase if you use a HyperTracker, or any other tracking service, you will be hiding / cloaking your affiliate link.

I would suggest you use a free tracker but the problem with free ones is that they have a large volume of users who are even spamming and doing all sorts of web abuse. For this matter, I recommend a premium quality tracking service such as Hypertracker.

(2) Blog cloaker (pretty links ).

Secondly, you can use a cloaker on your own blog or website. You don’t need to be a technical person to cloak / hide your link and to brand your blog / website the same time, therefore you can simply use Pretty Links, incase if you are using a blog ( wordpress ), its better to use pretty Links plugin, you can install it on your blog quite easily. preferably, you can use a free version that works very well. You can easily install it from within your WordPress admin area. Pretty links has got a paid version aswell incase if you need more options. But if its your first time to use such a plugin, I would advise you start with the free version.

When you use pretty Links plugin on your website / blog, it will be easy for you to cloak your affiliate link, please know that the link you provide to people when you are making advertisements will definitely become your website address. I think it’s becoming interesting now! Look here. This is my website address newslexpoint.com. When I used pretty Links, i formed this cloaked link for Affordable traffic solutions http://newslexpoint.com/affordablets.

This is pretty good!

You can even track clicks using pretty link on your website / blog and hide your link aswell and all this is free.

(3) A PHP Script.

There is a 3rd option which is a bit more technical and here we use a program known as a PHP redirect. This option is a bit more technical and a bit complicated, but if you’re a type of person who loves the technical side of it, then you can easily create a PHP redirect, you actually need to have some basic knowledge of coding, incase if you want to learn how to code, visit HTML.net
Here is what you have to do, insert the URL that you’ve chose to protect in this PHP script, then after you upload it to your server. Put it in mind that the name you decide to give that PHP file becomes your tracking link. Nevertheless, it looks more complex than it has to be, particularly in the stone-age of blogging, but if you’re a technical kind of person, you may love it.

This is something very important!

If you are currently an affiliate marketer, in all ways make sure you protect your affiliate link by using either cloaking services such as HyperTracker, you can also use a Pretty Links, it’s also a clocking script or, if you’re a technical person, you might simply use a PHP redirect.
Below are those 3 affiliate links again, they are all near to each other, you’ve got to see the variation. I understand you will definitely see what I mean.

This is my “naked” linkhttp://yamez.affordablets.hop.clickbank.net
This is my Hypertracker link http://hypertracker.com/go/newslexpoint/affordablets/
This is my Pretty Link http://newslexpoint.com/affordablets
When I figure out well, the 3rd link for the “ pretty links “ is more better.

The 1st link is a visible affiliate link. The 2nd link is good, but still obviously a tracker, remember some people do not want to be tracked. Finally the 3rd link brands my site and offers me click tracking aswell which is all free!

Once you start protecting all affiliate links that you have, am sure you will see with time that your commissions increase simply because no one can steal from you and here you can track your results statistically more better. May be you have ever promoted an affiliate product and after some time you wondered why you never earned more, commission, for this case, you can blame the thieves.

When you continue using a cloaker on your affiliate links whenever you promote your merchant products, you will avoid those thieves with their tracking habits, you will also get to know the number of clicks you get for every ad and with this you can earn more commissions aswell.

I hope you have enjoyed the tips.

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