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Best Popular Indian Tash Games That You Should Play

Best Popular Indian Tash Games That You Should Play

Card games are among the most played indoor games. Due to numerous variations, it never gets boring or goes out of style. Card games are also called tash games in India. They are played by all classes of people, often as a community game. A tash game is played with a regular deck of cards, and several people can take part in it depending on the variation they are playing and the number of decks they have.

The fashion of community games had almost collapsed due to our busy lives and hectic schedule. It is almost impossible to catch up with friends now and then for a tash game. However, thanks to online gaming platforms, today, we can interact and play with our friends without having to meet them. These services have opened to us a whole new world of community games that highly suit our present lifestyle.

During the pandemic, when it was impossible to socialize, online games came as a relief. Such platforms rejuvenated the spirit of community games and helped people connect with one another. If you, too, are a tash game fan but do not get time to meet your friends anymore, we have good news. Now you can play these games online with your friends and even make new friends on the platforms. Plus there’s more; you can turn the notch higher on excitement and adrenaline rush by playing for real money. The aspect of money has always made card games spicier. So, we have picked some of the best tash games to play online with your friends.

Best Tash Games to Play in Your Free Time

Here are the best tash games which you can play in your leisure time.


Rummy has to be the king of tash games. It is played at all kinds of parties. Be it kitty parties or office parties; rummy is a staple game. The rules of this tash game are easy to understand and can be played with 2 to 6 players, which makes it a great community game.

The game begins with the shuffling of cards, and 13 cards are dealt to each player. The remaining cards form a stack on the table for further use. The objective is to create sequences with the cards. In case a player does not have the required cards, they can exchange them from the stack containing the remaining cards that are put aside.

Creating a rummy sequence is a little more challenging than a poker sequence and thus requires planning and critical thinking. In order to win the game, you must have both pure and impure sequences. The joker can be used to finish an impure sequence.

Satte pe Satta

Satte pe satta is another interesting tash game that is both fun and challenging. After the cards are dealt, the player holding 7 of hearts starts the gameplay, and the players sitting next to him on the table can either play 6s or 8s of the same suit.

You can include a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 players in this game. One who is able to discard his cards the quickest is declared the winner.


You must have heard about Bridge in movies and shows. This tash game is very popular and loved by people worldwide. It is one of the rare card games that is played in partnership. Four players take part in the game in pairs of two.

Bridge is a complex level game and thus can be a little difficult for beginners. However, once you have an idea about the gameplay, it is definitely one of the most exciting variations you can play.


Who does not know about poker? This game of cards has been shown in multiple movies across cultures. It has many variations, and each has common basic rules with some alterations here and there.

The objective of this tash game is to create a strong hand with high-value combinations. The hand with the highest value takes away the pot.

The dealers deal 2 to 5 cards to each player, depending on the variant they are engaged in playing. The players try to determine the kinds of cards their opponents are holding. The probability factor and the body language of your opponent will help you to some extent. If you think you might have the best hand, raise the stakes. Players can call bets as long as they are equal. If a player has a weak hand, he folds and opts out of the pot and the game.

However, bluffing makes the gameplay a little more complex and so much more fun. It is a major part of the game. Your opponents will try to bluff you about the kind of hands they have. One who has a weak hand may lead you to believe he has a strong hand and pushes you to fold. Learning to detect bluffs is as important as mastering the bluff game.

Once the betting rounds are over, all the remaining players reveal their cards. The one who has the strongest hand takes home the pot.


If you are a beginner to cards and want to play an easy and fun game, blackjack is tailor-made for you. The objective of the game is simple- the summation of your cards must either be 21 or more than the dealer’s point but under 21.

The dealer starts the game by dealing 1 card to each player. The players then decide if they want to take another card or not. On the player’s demand, the dealer deals one more card face-up. The cards are dealt one at a time and only at the request of the players.

There are many other tash games, like andar bahar, bluff, teen patti, etc., that you will come across in the course of your exploration. All of them are exciting and might help you earn some extra money.

Tash games are great fun and can be played with friends and family. However, before you play a tash game online, make sure you have found a reliable and valid platform, especially if you wish to win money on winning.

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