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Latest Ebola Outbreak In DR Congo Kills Over 500 People

ebola in Liberia

Over 500 Congolese people have died of Ebola in DR Congo. The vaccination program has helped to prevent thousands from dying, according to Mr Kalenga, the minister of health. Check also: 25 Deadliest Diseases In Human History So far, 502 have died and 271 people got healed,’’health minister said on Friday during the interview on the outbreak in the Eastern part ...

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NSK Children’s Clinic In Free Cardiology Screening

NSK children's clinic

In an effort to keep children in good health,NSK specialized clinic is offering free medical screening for children as parents prepare to take their children back to school. Dr.Shinsha Shetty  consultant pediatrician at NSK Clinic advises parents to always take children for routine medical checks up to prevent any form heart disease attacks because Children in Uganda are regularly exposed to ...

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National Medical Stores Set To Mark 25 Years Anniversary

National medical stores

National Medical Stores (NMS) has launched activities to mark 25 years anniversary. As part of the celebration, NMS will hold a number of stakeholder engagement meetings to create a platform where they can discuss issues affecting the health sector in their areas and find a way forward. The engagements will be held under the theme “innovations for effective and efficient ...

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A Healthy Baby Girl Born Using Womb Transplanted From Dead Body

womb transplant

The 10-hour transplant operation – and later fertility treatment – took place in São Paolo, Brazil, in 2016. The mother, 32, was born without a womb. Check also: A Mother Fought 20 Chimpanzees And Rescued Her Baby From Them There have been 39 womb transplants using a live donor, including mothers donating their womb to their daughter, resulting in 11 babies. ...

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Do you know your HIV status? – Zani Brown In Response To the World Aids Day

zani brown

Since United Nations is already working hand in hand with health institutions to fight HIV Aids, Zani Brown is also urging many youths to go for check up. Check also: Shocking: Comedian Salvador Reveals His HIV Status A couple of days ago, Comedian Idringi Patrick Salvador managed to test for HIV and fortunately he found himself negative, he also urged Ugandans ...

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