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34 Healthcare Workers Test Positive For Coronavirus

34 Healthcare Workers Test Positive For Coronavirus vaccine trials

At least 34 healthcare workers among the 621 working on the frontline have been confirmed positive for coronavirus, according to the Health Director General Amoth Patrick. During the confirmation of coronavirus updates on Friday at Afya House in Kenya’s capital Nairobi, Dr Patrick explained that the healthcare workers either got infected directly from their work places or indirectly. 34 were ...

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Uganda’s Coronavirus Cases Rise To 97

coronavirus cases rises in Uganda

The Health Ministry on Monday night made an announcement on it’s official social media pages confirming 8 new cases of coronavirus bringing the total number to 97. 6 samples that tested positive were out of 2,061 truck drivers whereas 2 other cases were from the community confirmed from the rapid assessment survey. Today,4 May, 2020, 8 new COVID-19 cases confirmed. ...

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Africa Needs Over 400M Face Masks And Gloves

neotel for strive masiyiwa also on coronavirus, face masks, lockdown

Since the outbreak emerged early this year, scientists and senior doctors around the world have been working so hard day and night to discover vaccine and drug. But for a meantime, it’s advisable to wear face masks, gloves and follow other recommended guidelines to curb the spread of the deadly virus. The world Health organization (WHO) has since been offering ...

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Uganda’s Coronavirus Cases Hits 89

ministry of health Uganda Confirms 3 More Cases For Corona Virus / covid -19 or coronavirus

The Health Ministry on Sunday evening recorded one new coronavirus case bringing the total number of confirmed cases to eighty nine, The confirmed case is once again a Kenyan cargo truck driver aged 39 who entered the country via Malaba border entry point. The new coronavirus case confirmed out of 2,729 samples of the cargo truck drivers. Efforts to truck ...

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US States Ease Pandemic Lockdowns As Washington Approves Coronavirus Drug

us president trump on deport - pregnant foreign women

American authorities approved an experimental drug for emergency use on coronavirus patients, as more US states eased pandemic lockdowns despite another spike in deaths from the disease. The approval is the latest step in a global push to find viable treatments and a vaccine for the coronavirus, which has left half of humanity under some form of lockdown, hammered the ...

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