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Ghana In Plans To Make Travel In Africa Easier For Africans


On Sunday (March 6),[4] Ghana celebrated its 59th year of independence and John Dramani Mahama, the country’s president, came bearing gifts. During his speech, Mahama announced that the country will begin to offer visas on arrival to citizens of all 54 African Union (AU) member states starting in July.[1] Check also: 47 none African countries you can travel to from ...

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This Is How Travelling By Air Will Be In 2030

travelling in 2030

Travelling by air in 2030: About the AWWA –QG super quite eagle aircraft which generates its own power and energizes a 314- ft wingspan.This aircraft will begin working in future and its expected to begin its operations in 2030, it will feature three decks, generate their own power and be 75 percent quieter than current aircraft, according to designs for ...

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