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Zimbabwe Student Body Wants To Attack South Africa Businesses


Harare: The president of Zimbabwe’s largest student body Zinasu ( Zimbabwe National Students Union ) Gilbert Mutubuki has called on Zimbabwean youths to attack in return against xenophobic violence in South Africa by destroying South African businesses in Zimbabwe. Check also: Most Zimbabweans Trusted Mugabe. Here’s Why Many Are Now Protesting On The Streets Zinasu represents thousands of students in all ...

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Thousands Joined The Peace March Against Xenophobia Attack In Durban SA


The xenophobia attack on foreigners in South Africa spread to Johannesburg and Pietermaritzburg on Wednesday where five people including a 14-year-old boy have been killed during violence since last week , several businesses for foreigners have been closed following the threats, according to Gateway news. More police has been deployed to calm down the situation.[1] Check also: 5 people have ...

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5 People Killed In Xenophobia Attack In South Africa

Nigerians killed

It’s very sad that South African people have decided to fight against their fellow Africans ( Xenophobia )  especially from countries that freely gave them refuge and looked after  their exiled leaders including many other refugees who ran away from apartheid regime.[3] Check also: Xenophobia: Thousands joined the peace march against xenophobia attack in Durban SA Countries like Zambia,  Zimbabwe and ...

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