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South Africa Silently Deports More Than 420 Zimbabweans

South Africa

Two weeks back, hundreds of Zimbabweans have run-away from xenophobic violence in Gauteng and Durban, however the reports said,” South Africa has also silently deported more than 420 foreigners who were illegally staying in the country.” Check also: 5 People Killed In Xenophobia Attack In SA Batiraishe Mukonoweshuro, the Zimbabwe’s consul general informed the state-controlled Chronicle that 421 Zimbabweans were driven ...

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Terrifying video From The Nepal Earthquake & Everest Avalanch

Nepal Earthquake

Climbers at the Everest Basecamp captured the deadly avalanche on camera .A terrible 7.8 Nepal Earthquake hit the Himalayas on Saturday 25th April. The disastrous force of nature has killed thousands of people and it also destroyed many villages, towns and temples. Check also: Facebook to donate $2 million to victims of earthquake Nepal Earthquake has been so terrible! This ...

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More than 1,300 confirmed dead in the major earthquake in Nepal


A powerful earthquake measured 7.9 in magnitude striked Nepal Saturday around noon local time killing more than 1,300 people, touching off a lethal snowslide on Mount Everest which caused the climbers and the local villagers to stay in fear and discomfort. It also collapsed a 19th-century tower in the Nepalese capital Kathmandu. Check also: Christiano Ronaldo donates 7 Million euros to ...

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African Migrants: Over 950 Died In The Sea Trying To Travel To Europe For Greener Pastures

African migrants

The rescuers from Greece dragged hundreds of drowning African migrants from capsized ship after more than 950 die in three adversities in just 24 hours. Check also: EU interior ministers meet to discuss quota plans for the Mediterranean migrants A ship which was carrying approximately 950 African migrants overturned off Libya when its passengers sat on one side, unfortunately the ...

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