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Chorus Of Democrats Is Sinking Biden's Hopes Of Steadying His Campaign

Chorus Of Democrats Is Sinking Biden’s Hopes Of Steadying His Campaign

The most devastating argument against Joe Biden’s re-election bid may have come not from a politician or a pundit, but from a film star. In a stinging New York Times opinion piece, George Clooney has joined a growing chorus of Democrats sinking the president’s hopes of steadying his campaign.

This shift in momentum comes after key endorsements from influential figures, such as the Congressional Black Caucus and liberal members of Congress.

However, the ground has once again shifted amidst a high-profile Nato summit, with Vermont Senator Peter Welch becoming the first Democratic senator to openly call on Biden to withdraw.

The stakes for Biden’s upcoming press conference at the end of the summit are higher than ever, as the drumbeat of defections grows louder.

Clooney’s Op-Ed exposes Biden’s decline

Clooney’s op-ed, backed by his stature as a top Democratic fundraiser, asserts that the president’s decline is not an illusion but a stark reality.

Referencing a recent Los Angeles fundraiser, Clooney highlights the stark contrast between the Joe Biden of today and the Joe Biden of the past.

He firmly states that the president is not up to the task of defeating Donald Trump in November, dismissing the Biden campaign’s claim that he is the choice of Democratic primary voters as disingenuous.

Clooney’s assertion that every prominent Democrat he has spoken with privately acknowledges this reality adds further weight to his argument.

The Biden campaign pushes back against Clooney’s piece, pointing out the president’s efforts to attend the star’s fundraiser after flying across nine time zones from the G7 summit in Italy.

Additionally, tensions between Biden and Clooney over administration policies in Gaza raise questions about the timing of the opinion piece. However, Clooney’s influence as a powerful Democratic fundraiser and his close ties to former President Barack Obama make it unlikely that he would publicly criticize Biden without some tacit approval from prominent Democrats.

Trump capitalizes on democratic turmoil

This criticism from Clooney coincides with expressions of dissatisfaction from other influential Democratic donors, including Netflix chair Reed Hastings and IAC chair Barry Diller. Trump, reveling in the Democratic turmoil, took to social media to highlight the divide between Biden and Clooney.

As prominent Democrats voice their concerns, Biden’s press conference and upcoming interview with NBC News presenter Lester Holt become crucial moments that could either strengthen or further damage his campaign.

Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who still holds considerable influence within the party, notably refrained from endorsing Biden’s bid for re-election. She urged critics to withhold their judgments until after the Nato summit, emphasizing the need to see how things develop.

Assessing Biden’s campaign future

Virginia Senator Tim Kaine and Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal echoed similar sentiments, urging Biden to make a decision quickly about the future of his campaign. There is a palpable sense that even Biden’s tepid supporters won’t accept his reassurances that he’s staying in the race.

As the wheels of change start to turn, it remains unclear if they are moving towards a resolution or merely spinning in place. If Biden were to bow out, the question of what happens next looms large.

Clooney suggests that Democrats regroup and select a new nominee, though the specifics of this process remain vague. His suggestion that the shortened campaign season would allow the chosen nominee to avoid opposition research and negative campaigning seems overly optimistic.

Despite the recent shift in sentiment against him, Biden still maintains control over the majority of national convention delegates, who ultimately decide the party’s presidential ticket.

The opinion polls, while indicating he trails Trump, have not drastically changed since his ill-fated debate. Furthermore, few alternatives to Biden, such as the vice-president and prominent Democratic governors, appear to fare substantially better. Even his critics, appealing to his patriotism and sense of duty, acknowledge that the decision ultimately lies with him.

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