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How Communities Are Helping To Fight Ebola In DR.Congo

The relatives of the patients come to the Ebola treatment centre on Motorbikes and ride them to the churches to be prayed for by a big congregation of over 50 people, later one dies in the hospital and another dies at home.

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It’s sounds as if we’re watching a movie from Hollywood but it just happened less than 3 weeks ago in Mbandaka, a city with a population of over 1.2 million people in DRC. A huge effort is now in progress to help solve the problem.

The International NGOs and the government itself are doing a big job, but the church leaders and the local communities are doing the most effective work. Anointing and baptism have been suspended to prevent the risk of Ebola transmission in Roman catholic church of Mbandaka-Bikoro.

Fighting Ebola in schools!

In the local schools of Mbandaka , teachers write messages to the parents via a remarkable ‘’Ebola Go away song. Schools in that area have implemented a system whereby children are not allowed to go into their classrooms before washing their hands.

Ebola is not witchcraft like some  people say, it’s real, you shouldn’t play games with this epidemic, it’s a killer disease.

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