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Skin rush on a human being. one of the signs of Measles.

First death of measles in US since 2003

This was after a death of a woman in the Washington state in spring, although she lacked common signs of Measles like rush, a post-mortem examination that was done on her confirmed that she died of Measles, health authorities say.

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The dead woman whose name and age is not disclosed was hospitalized for several health conditions in the spring at a hospital in Clallam county, and she was put under medication which weakened her immune system. Donn Moyers says, the spokesman of the department of health in the Washington state.

The death comes after an outbreak of Measles at California’s Disney land in 2014 which infected over 100 people, though no one died of the disease, it bought about a debate across US of compulsory vaccination of school children which some parents oppose.

The incident in Washington is not bridged to the incident in Disneyland officials say. 176 cases of Measles have been reported in US this year with 117 of those are linked to the California out break according to the US center for the disease control and prevention.

Note: Measles are highly transmitted and easily contagious but rarely deadly

Mr. Donn Moyers said that this incident shows the value of immunizing more people to provide high level of protection within the community against Measles.

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