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How to Make Your Photos More Beautiful

How to Make Your Photos More Beautiful

Let’s discuss how to take your photos to the next level. Whether you are taking pictures on your DSLR or mobile phone, there are plenty of tips that can improve your photography. One of the easiest ways to get quality images is to use Lightroom Presets.

However, there are many other tips on how to improve your images as well: plan your photoshoot, choose a nice location, take pictures during the golden hour, improve on your composition skills. Also, check out the tips for mobile photography.

Edit Your Photos

I don’t know a single photographer who would give their clients unedited images. Use Lightroom presets. It’s easy. It’s quick. And most importantly, it allows you to edit your photos in a professional way.

For example, you could use popular sakurapresets and achieve stunning pink and purple tones in your images. Allow yourself to get creative with your images. That’s what photography is all about nowadays.

Plan Your Photoshoot Upfront

It’s always nice to just go out and take some photos and create some interesting shots there. However, with the planned photoshoot you will feel more confident. There’s also a higher chance that you will select the outfit and location right.

I’m not saying that you should just copy other photographers exactly. However, even if you try doing that, it will still have a different look. Your outfit and location will be slightly different. On top of that, you might use a different lens. Not to even mention the fact that you would edit your photos in your own kind of way.

Choose a Location

Another great reason for planning is to choose the locations. You don’t want to waste your time trying to figure out where it would be the nicest to take your photos.

When you walk around the city, keep an eye for nice in depth shots. For example, if there are two lines of trees, you could stand in the middle of them and create a nice perspective shot.

Shoot During Golden Hour

Even before the golden hour, which occurs right before sunset, the lighting is nice and soft. That’s great especially if you are shooting models because you don’t want your lighting to distract from the model.

Minimal Composition

When taking photos, less is more. By following the principles of minimalism in your composition, you will be able to create more professional-looking photos. Choose three key elements and remove the rest from your photos. The truth is that a photo that is cropped at 4:5 doesn’t have much space to capture many elements. By keeping it simple, you show the viewer the most important elements.

What are Some Mobile Photography Tips?

Most people take their photos with their phones nowadays. The main reason is that it’s easier and your iPhone is always with you. Here are some tips:

Clean your camera. We use our phones all the time and the lens definitely gets dirty. It’s super simple but not many people think about it.

 Touch the screen before taking an image. Many phone cameras can focus on a point if you touch it on your screen. Just by doing that you will get sharper and higher quality images.

 Take images from different angles. We are used to taking an image by pointing the camera directly to the subject. By playing around with it a little bit, you will get more interesting photos. Place your phone on the side, lower or higher than the subject. The more angles you get, the higher the chance that you will figure out the most interesting one.

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