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Popular Types, Materials And Styles Of Sweaters

Popular Types, Materials And Styles Of Sweaters

The sweater is a kind of clothing that everyone loves to wear, especially in winter and cold seasons—a type of attire meant to keep the upper body warm and comfortable. There are so many kinds of sweaters, but knit sweaters are considered the most favourite among so many.

Knit sweaters are a winter and fall essential and a fashion attire that can be complex, flirty, fresh, and fun to wear. They come in different styles, and they vary based on various factors like feel, warmth, look, design and durability. Knowing all the styles, materials, and sweater types available in the market will help one pick the right ones for the right occasions in any season.

Sweater Fabrics

Sweaters are manufactured using several materials, including synthetic and natural fibres, some of which are listed below.


Those looking for a supremely warm and cosy sweater during the cold winters can seek wool, a natural fibre. It provides the most insulation when compared to its alternatives. It can be a little more expensive than the others, too, and might be itchy for some.


Cotton is one of the most commonly used plant fibres worldwide to make clothing, including knit sweaters. Cotton is known for its strong fibres and properties of being absorbent, soft, affordable, and easy to wash. As sweaters are relatively thick pieces of clothing, making them hard to maintain, and are adaptable to most moderate climates, cotton is a popular choice for sweaters.


When you say luxury, it is cashmere. It is a high-end natural fibre obtained from certain goat breeds, making it one of the best fabric materials known for its softness and warmth. They are also less-itchier than wool due to their smaller fibres. This makes them quite expensive and requires special care.


Acrylic is a synthetic fibre that provides all the desirable features of wool-like lightweight, warmth and softness, at a lower price. It can be manufactured to look like fur, making it a popular choice to make faux-fur vests.

Blends and Special Fibres

Knit sweater also comes from special fibres retrieved from animals like angora or alpaca with properties similar to wool. Sweaters are also made of fibre blends like cotton and wool to get the best features of both.

Types of Knitted Sweaters

Unlike woven clothes, sweaters are usually manufactured through knitting as they are stretchier and less wrinkly. Knitting patterns also come in handy to make creative designs, textures, and styles.

Traditional Knits

This is one of the basic forms of knitting patterns that any knitting enthusiast would know. This pattern uses one thread to form interconnected loops to create stitches that create different patterns on sweaters.

Cable Knits

This is one of the most popular knits used for making sweaters due to its elegant and classic appearance. This knit provides a beautiful, distinct pattern resembling a plait or a braid that usually runs through the fabric.

Ribbed Knits

Ribbed knits are used to create stretchier and tighter striped fabric patterns. These can be seen mostly in the cuffs of sweaters.

Boucle Knits

A traditional knit made with a boucle yarn winds several strands of yarn together at various tensions to create a loopy appearance. Boucle knits are textured uniquely and are cosy and thick.

Styles of Sweaters

All these knits and materials form wonderful and creative patterns to create styles from traditional to trendy. The most popular styles found in the market today are dusters, cardigans, V-necks, crew or round necks and turtlenecks. Some of the recent popular trends include cold-shoulder sweaters and cardigans that enhance any look.

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