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Putin Says He And President Trump Have A Close Relationship, Although It’s Complicated

President Vladimir Putin told Australian TV that he has a close working relationship with the American president, Donald Trump, even though it involves complications by United States politics.

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You better ask your comrades in the U.S.To my opinion, this is the out-come of what is happening about the political conflict in the United States.surely, I and Trump first met more than once at different International conferences and we also talk regularly on phone.

Putin with the interviewer:

Interviewer: You and president Trump always talk nicely on telephone, but Donald Trump has been a leader for just 18 months and there has not been an international meeting between the two of you, in disparity to Obama and Bush whom you met in the first 6 months of their presidencies.Why is it taking too long this time?’’


Our special services and foreign affairs departments are doing well in areas of common interest, basically in the fight against International terrorism which is ongoing.

In our recent discussions over the phone, Trump said he was just worried about the prospect of a recent arms race. And surely I agree with him.

Interviewer: Yevgeny Prigozhin owns troll factories and am sure you know him quite well, he is well-known as Putin’s chef and he caters for all your guests, is it true he manages Troll Factories?

Putin: You’ve just said Yevgeny is well-known as Putin’s chef, it’s true he owns and operates restaurant business in St. Petersburg because that is his job.

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