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Scared Of What People’s Opinions Are, You Need To Read This

Now this is going out to a lot of young people on these online forum who have opinions, who are intelligent and sound, who can air their views without insulting others, who can think like humans that they are.

But somehow they are quiet because of intimidation and feel their opinions count for nothing. Why? Because they are “young” and “have not experienced life” long enough to have an opinion.

That’s a lie, a big lie. I’ve met young people who, though they haven’t lived as long as some elders, still have more wisdom, and have proven that wisdom is not a respecter of age.

This is life, and we all go through different challenges and face different situations or experiences that are able to build and shape our thoughts. Living alone, qualifies you to enroll in the school of experience where everyone is a learner.

Dear Youth, don’t be intimidated and don’t cower. You have something to say, there are words of wisdom in you, don’t hold it back. Yes, sometimes our thought patterns are flawed and ideas not  properly formed and that’s okay. Even elders make mistakes and are still subject to correction.

You’re on a journey. You can’t just wake up and have all the wisdom in the world, you can’t have it all figured out, but as far as you’re alive, you’ll go through certain experiences that will help nurture and build you. In this season, some people think you’re too young to lead yet old enough to vote, stand your ground and let your voice be heard.

Till then, don’t hold back and keep quiet, speak when you have to and do it responsibly. Don’t force your ideas or thoughts on people and then insult them when they don’t accept it.

So maybe you’re a coach, strategist, thought leader, mentor or whatever it is. Own it and be bold with it. You have a voice too, so speak irrespective of how old you are. You are not too young to be Wise.

As youths, some of us have experienced so much already just because we are “Ugandans”.

Now, in as much as it’s important to speak and air your views. It’s also very important that you open yourself up to learning more, learning is forever. Don’t think you know it all, don’t think you’ve seen it all. Respect people’s opinion too.

Be open to corrections, acknowledge when you’re wrong and do the right thing. Be flexible, what has always worked for you, will not always work, time makes sure of that. So when you see someone who knows better than you showing you a better way, don’t write it off as trash, that may just be your next breakthrough.

Remember, you have your own opinions, don’t let anyone keep you shut and don’t let low self-esteem trap the greatness in you.

You are on a journey, and you are ahead of others in some areas of life. You can show them the way because you’ve come a long way by yourself and for yourself.

Great week ahead and have a nice day!

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