To those who thought God’s Plan and the former media personality Sheilah Gashumba, were a joke in their relationship, latest news that reached our desk confirms that city tycoon and socialite Marcus Lwanga and the girlfriend are constructing a mega shopping mall in Kampala.

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Therefore, while appearing on her Instagram account, Sheilah proudly posted showing how the couple is investing big for their future aspects not only in showbiz and aimless usage of their cash in bars and night clubs.

With the stiff competition in the celebrity life, these two are now exposing some of their achievements ever since they started staying together.

“Proud of you God’s Plan. Shopping mall opening pushed back to August but we working.” She posted on Instagram.

Below are some of the photos;

Apparently, every one knows that Sheilah is someone who loves fancy life, but indeed her dreams are coming true each day that goes-by.

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