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Should I Relocate For A Job?

The best career opportunities are not necessarily in your current city. If that’s the case, perhaps relocating for your job is the best option. In today’s world you may be able to work remotely. However, other times your job requires you to be in-person.

Relocation for a Job

Some jobs require you to move. Relocating can sometimes be an easy decision or just the opposite. There are many aspects of your daily life to consider before relocating.

Career Growth

You want your career to advance and move forward. If the job offers an opportunity for immediate or possible growth, relocating for a job may be the perfect decision. Some reasons to relocate include a salary increase, promotion, or sign-on incentives.

Personal Satisfaction

Finding personal satisfaction in your job can be good for your well-being and will help you be successful. A career that brings you fulfillment and happiness may be one reason to relocate. It’s important to learn about a company or position to help you determine whether or not the job would bring you satisfaction.

Opportunity for Growth

It is valuable to consider the future of your position. It’s important to find a job that’s the right fit for you. A job offer from a company with upward mobility may or may not be the best job for you. Relocating for a job with more senior roles may be beneficial in reaching your overall goals.

Location, Location, Location

Location can be another job relocation benefit in your career development. For instance, many tech companies are in Silicon Valley while New York is a place where the performing arts thrive. Oftentimes moving to a city can give you multiple options for the future of your career. Before committing to a long-term location, you may decide to find a job with a temp agency. This would give you a chance to try out another location.

Salary and Benefits

A significant salary increase is an incentive for a job relocation. Before relocating, you should always consider the cost of living in the town or city you’re moving to. A job with good retirement and health benefits for your family will give you peace of mind.

Moving Costs

By law, companies are not required to pay for a relocation. Some companies choose to offer a relocation package as a perk. The company may pay for housing as you settle in, plane flights, or trucks. You should ask Human Resources about moving assistance if you haven’t heard anything from your potential employer.


Spouse or Significant Other

Accepting a job that requires a move will have an effect on your relationships.  If you’re married or in a committed relationship, you’ll have to consider whether a job relocation is best for both of you.


Relocating for work may impose timing issues for your kids. You’ll have to find them new schools. For example, it’s difficult to pick up and move in the middle of your senior year. Possibly making a move over the summer during summer break may be more feasible. You should always weigh the pros and cons.

Extended Family

Perhaps you’re responsible for taking care of an extended family member. Maybe you rely on a retired family member for childcare. Always think about your day-to-day life. If you are helping out a family member, relocating to a different city may not be the best decision.


Lastly, before relocating for work, consider your friendships. Is a move worth leaving your social circle? Think about how you can maintain those relationships after you relocate. Check out some activities you could get involved in when you move. Before relocating, think ahead to what social opportunities you may have.

Relocation for Work

When you relocate for work, it’s good to be thinking ahead. Here is a moving checklist to make relocation easier.

Negotiate Moving Benefits

As we previously mentioned, many companies offer moving packages. Some large companies will cover moving expenses and even closing costs. Before accepting a new job, be sure to negotiate your relocation benefits.

Research Your Home

Don’t just pick up and move to the first great house you see. You must consider your surroundings. You should check out the demographics of the new area and the cost of living.

It would be wise to even take a trip to the new area before actually relocating. While you’re visiting, does the neighborhood feel safe? Again, if you have kids, consider the schools and compare different areas. Explore shopping options like the nearest grocery store.

Build a New Network

You’ll need to find a real estate agent. It’s best to find someone who really knows the area. They can help you with local amenities like schools and churches.

Best Moving Service

If you’re moving far, be sure to find a reputable moving service. Moving companies frequently handle relocation. Moving companies offer insurance options and other details of your move. You should check out several moving companies and get a quote.

Make Travel Arrangements

When you know your moving dates, book any flights to coordinate with the dates you move. You’ll have to decide the necessary items you will need and what to send with the moving company. If you have pets, you’ll also have to make arrangements for traveling with them.

Attend Transitional Details

Have your utility services like gas and electricity, and internet turned off at your previous home and have them turned on at your new home. Make sure you have all your important medical records to give to your new doctors. Fill out your change of address cards at your post office. Notify other important contacts, such as banks and credit card companies, of your change of address.

To Relocate or Not

In conclusion, relocating for work is very individualized. However, it’s important to keep in mind all the factors and decisions you’ll have to make. If the time is right, take the plunge and accept your dream job!

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