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7 Amazing Tips To Easily Help You Quit Alcohol

drinking alcohol

In the day to day life, one of  the challenges that people are facing is being addicted to drinking alcohol,  which may be harmful to their health. Others say,’’ drinking would not be bad, but over drinking in excess is what brings a challenge and different health risks in your precious life. Check also: Drinking Alcohol Is Directly Linked To This ...

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Kenyan Woman Stabs Husband To Death Over Drinking Habit

woman or wife kills husband

A mechanic based in Maralal town has been stabbed to death by his wife following a domestic quarrel. The deceased, Zachary Wambugu, was stabbed in the thigh by his wife and died early Sunday morning, while receiving treatment at the Samburu County Referral Hospital. Check also: Pastor Mugadza From Zimbabwe Was Arrested For Prophesying Mugabe’s Death Mr Wambugu, a father of ...

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7 Health Benefits Of Alcohol Consumption, According To Research

drinking alcohol

Getting wasted every weekend might not be the best thing for your physical or mental well-being, but moderate alcohol consumption may have some substantial health benefits. It should be noted that alcohol consumption and its benefits vary based on an individual’s body makeup and type. Check also: Drinking Alcohol Is Directly Linked To This Dangerous Disease According to the Dietary Guidelines ...

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Drinking Alcohol Is Directly Linked To This Dangerous Disease


Most people regard alcohol as a substance that should be approached with caution – and there’s a good reason for that.[9] Chronic alcohol use leads to a number of health concerns, including high blood pressure, depression and dementia. Check also: 8 Cancer- Causing Foods You Should Avoid Doctors have also suspected a link between drinking and cancer,[4] but the details ...

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