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Former FDC Frontman Kizza Besigye To Unveil Plan B For 2021 Elections 

Kizza besigye congragulates raila

Opposition strongman and former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) president, Dr. Kizza Besigye says that his plan B will entail fighting for all who feel oppressed in their own country. Besigye announced last week that he will not be availing himself for the 2021 presidential polls, and that he will instead focus on what he termed as ‘Plan B’ in ...

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Video: FDC Official Inspector Drives Members On The Wrong Side

FDC Official Inspector Drives Members On The Wrong Side

Many party Members of Parliament for FDC have shown their bad feeling towards their Secretary Nathan Nandala Mafabi regarding the call of alerting the party to write their membership status in only 14 days. Check also: Video: Mugisha Muntu Had Less Positive Objectives For FDC– Nandala Mafabi The Kasese Municipality Legislator, Robert meets the call against this party constitution. “All members ...

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It’s My Desire To Become A Ugandan President – Gen Mugisha Muntu

Mugisha Muntu warns age limit agitators

The former Army commander, Gen Mugisha Muntu said that though there different challenges and complex situations, he’s desiring to become a Ugandan president. Check also: Soon We Are Witnessing Change Amama Mbabazi Promises Ugandans There are numerous challenges within, there’s a serious desire to become a Ugandan president, but getting to that point is really a big problem. Am doing what ...

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FDC Says It Has Collected Enough Evidence To Pin Kayihura

FDC is on Kayihura

FDC said it has gathered enough evidence to pin the former IGP, General Kale Kayihura in court who’s currently detained, the party also wants Kayihura to be tried in Civil Court, but not the court-martial. Check also: Nambooze Rushed To Hospital Due To Health That Worsened While In Police Cell Speaking to the reporters at  the Forum for Democratic Change headquarters, ...

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I Desire To Be Uganda’s President -Mugisha Muntu

Muntu says Am Not Museveni's Mole

Former Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] president, Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu, says he still has the desire to rule Uganda as a country. Check also:  Am Not Quitting FDC-Mugisha Muntu shared his vision while appearing on “NTV On The Spot” programme Thursday night, at the close of his countrywide consultations in Tooro and Bunyoro sub-regions. “I totally disagree with colleagues who ...

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