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Walk Away Only If You Must

Walk away only if you must

Often times, everyone advises you to walk away when things are not working out. I mean it’s the easiest thing to do. Unfortunately, most times when you really sit down after a while, you realize you rushed into a decision that seemed right at that moment. This can be in any situation, a job, a relationship, among others. Obviously, sometimes ...

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Beyond The Feelings, There is Reality That’s Clear

Beyond The Feelings

It’s always easy to get into a relationship, especially if all you rely on is just feelings. But, how about beyond how you feel, is that relationship really healthy? So many people have gotten themselves in what they want to call entanglements. This is just because they are driven by their feelings. I mean, it’s undeniable, we may have no ...

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Love Is The Most Dangerous Drug – Bruno K

Bruno K Attacks Sheikh Muzaata Over His Greediness

Struggling vocalist and former Tusker Fame project winner Bruno K cries all the time especially when he talks about love. He gets disturbed whenever you hit on love issues, he seems troubled about it. Through different interviews that he appears in, Bruno K claims that in his first relationship, he was completely hurt and since then, he believes that love ...

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Carol Nantongo And Producer Diggy Baur Reportedly In Love

Carol Nantongo Bows To Levixone For Marriage

The faded band musician Carol Nantongo is among artistes who have suffered with relationships but this time around, we hope she won’t face the same challenge, breaking up with new boyfriend Diggy Baur. The ongoing lockdown seems to be affecting thousands of people in love relationships but this time around, it’s not the case with Producer Diggy Baur and Carol ...

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How A Man Can Make Himself Attractive To Women

attractive boyfriend conversations with u

Staying cool and attractive to women is a dream of every man. According to many men, enhancing oneself looks simple, but staying attractive to women is an uphill task. Luckily, there are many ways to remain attractive to women in your life and those who you meet at social functions. Simple things like a change in attitude, body language, and ...

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