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Museveni To Win By 70 Percent –  Mike Mukula

Mike Mukula: counterfeit goods

Captain Mike Mukula says president Yoweri Museveni will win 2021 edition of Presidential elections by 70%. Mike Mukula Nrm Vice Chairman for Eastern Region says people in villages support nrm party leader. They don’t want war anymore and they see their future secure with President Yoweri Museveni. “From the mass mobilization drive country wide, we are proud to say that ...

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Ashburg Kato Erects Powerful House For Parents, Says “Thank You Museveni”

Ashburg Kato Erects Powerful House For Parents

The NRM Soma project recruit, formerly a People Power die-hard and now an M7 minion, blogger Ashburg Kato has constructed a house for his parents. This achievement he says has been enabled by president Museveni. The yellow party smart-ass said the house is at 97 percent completion and went ahead to thank President Museveni for bringing to life his dream. ...

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Presidential Nominations Kick Off Today With Museveni Among The First

Presidential nominations kick off today

Presidential nominations kick off today with President Museveni among the first aspirants. The nominations will take place at Kyambogo University, sports ground and will end tomorrow. Ahead of these nominations, the police have closed all roads leading to the nomination venue. These roads are only open to the nomination candidates. Police announced that they don’t expect any supporter along the ...

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Bebe Cool To Release Campaign Song For President Museveni

bebe cool and museveni

As we approach presidential election 2021, each and every candidate is working hard to make sure he/she wins the hearts of voters. Bebe Cool as a renown artiste decided to offer his full support to president Museveni. In 2005, President Museveni released a song dubbed ‘ Yengoma’ which he used to send his message to the voters, 5 years later ...

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Museveni Appreciates All Those Responding Positively On His Social Media Posts

president museveni

When president Museveni last sent out a missive, it was talking about the prominent Ugandans that had died and what he knew about them. These were: Kirunda, the footballer; Kasirye – Ggwanga, Erica Mukasa, Bell and Nkeera. So many of you had seen the message by the time he got the printout and many reacted- some positively and some negatively. ...

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