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Thinking To Buy A Sound Bar Or A Surround-Sound System?

Thinking To Buy A Sound Bar Or A Surround-Sound System?

We have to admit that the audio coming from the TV speakers is not so spectacular as we expect. Therefore, to boost our TV viewing experience you simply have to invest in some external audio system. The most recommended options are a sound bar and a surround sound system. But, the question is – which one is better for you?

Sound bar vs. Surround sound

The sound bar for example is a system where at least two, often more, speakers are packed together into one cabinet and the sound is being delivered from the central point. There are a number of connections available in the sound bar just like in surround sound systems. A good thing about sound bars is that most of them support Bluetooth connection so you can stream your music directly from your tablet or smartphone.

The surround sound systems on the other hand is consisted of several different speakers positioned around the room. By doing this the sound comes to the listener from various directions.

The three types of sound bars

When we talk about sound bars, we can say that there are three different setups.

Type 1: We have mentioned this type before. We have several speakers and an AMP built into one single housing in the shape of a bar. We can place this bar below or over the TV if it’s wall-mounted, or in front of it if it isn’t. Such subwoofers are often accompanied with a wireless subwoofer to improve the bass frequency.

Type 2: This type is designed as a cabinet with all the speakers and the subwoofer and AMPs in it, and you can easily place your TV on top of it. It is often called a sound plate or sound stand.

Type 3: This type is most often found in soundbars produced by Vizio. Here the sound bar comes with two surround speakers. The soundbar comes in the center position while these two speakers are positioned on both sides of the listener. This type is some kind of a combo or hybrid between a surround sound system and a sound bar.

The size of the room is important element

In case your room is 20×15 feet or maybe bigger, it is recommended to install a surround sound system. A 5.1 or 7.1 speaker system is a better option and if you can’t decide which system to choose. For smaller rooms a sound bar is a great option and will definitely improve the current sound quality.

Think about sound quality

When it comes to sound quality, a surround sound system is always a better choice. However, many sound bar producers do their best to minimize this difference with virtual surround sound techniques. If your room is small then such sun bars will be highly efficient in making you experience surround sound.

The price is often a decision-making element

Sound bars can be quite affordable. However, besides the price you have to pay attention to the size of the sound bar. To be more precise, it has to match the width of your TV. You should aim for a sound bar that is almost the same width as your TV or it just won’t look nice. Of course, this will have an effect on the price. At the same time if you own a curved screen TV there are curved sound bars on the market which may go a bit over your budget.

On the other hand, if you want a good quality surround sound system you can start with a 5.1 speaker system and a basic home theater receiver or all-in-one solutions. Of course, depending on the brand, model and number of speakers in your surround sound system setup the price can be pretty high.

Go to the nearest store and test them on your own

If you still can’t decide whether you should buy a surround sound system or a sound bar, it would be best to go to the nearest store and listen to them on your own. After all, you are the one who is going to use them the most so you can easily determine which one sound better for you.

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