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What Is A Normal CRP Test

What Is A Normal CRP Test?

Blood tests are one of the quickest methods of identifying if there are any underlying conditions that require the patient or the healthcare professional to take necessary actions. A simple blood test can reveal plenty of things such as risk of diabetes, risk of heart disease, risk of inflammation, risk of infection etc. CRP test is one of the blood tests that help the healthcare professional in identifying if the body has any signs of inflammation. The blood test uses a special chemical that recognizes the presence of C – Reactive Protein, a protein that is made by the liver on a regular basis. Any surge in the levels of this protein is usually indicative of infection based inflammation anywhere in the body.

CRP Levels in Humans

CRP stands for C-Reactive protein, a protein that is made by the liver for various different purposes. One of the main purposes of the presence of this protein is indicating the body that there is inflammation in the body. The protein acts like a response team that indicates to the body that there is a possible inflammation and therefore preps the body for an appropriate action against the inflammation which results in fever, vomiting, nausea, dysentery etc. These are all the body’s way of getting rid of any possible infection in the body using these methodologies.

CRP test is one of the blood tests that can be ordered by a doctor or a healthcare professional when they suspect an inflammation in any part of the body. A few ml of blood is able to identify if there is a surge in the C-reactive protein in the bloodstream, which means that there is a possible inflammation in the body. The only point to note here is that the blood test for CRP is not a concluding evidence for inflammation, This needs to be paired with other blood tests or scans to concur the inflammation in the body as there are certain other scenarios which can have a high level of CRP naturally in the body:

  • Use of some type of allergy medicines
  • Use of birth control pills
  • Excess body weight
  • Lack of exercise
  • Smoking of cigarettes
  • Auto-immune disease patients such as Lupus or Rheumatoid Arthritis

In these factors given below, the body already has a high level of CRP and therefore the normal CRP test cannot confirm the actual inflammation presence in the body.

CRP Test Details

CRP test is of two types. Normal CRP test is done to measure the level of C Reactive protein in the bloodstream. Another CRP test type is the High sensitivity CRP test called the Hs-CRP test. This test is done for patients who may be at high risk for cardiovascular diseases. Again, the test alone is not a confirmation for the risk of cardiovascular disease. It needs to be paired with other investigations as well to concur concretely. CRP Test prices are very nominal and therefore most doctors recommend this test as the first level identification of inflammation in the body. The test results of a CRP test is interpreted as follows:

  • Less than 10mg/L – No inflammation/Normal Result
  • More than 10 mg/L – Presence of inflammation/Abnormal Result

If there is a high level of CRP, it could be a sign of severe infection and the doctors would take appropriate actions or further investigation to identify where exactly the inflammation is present.

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