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10 Ways To Make Your Perfume Last All Day And All Night

Ladies, you can’t live without our perfume and whether we have a signature scent or are always experimenting with fragrances, we all hope that the power of our scent lingers for hours and hours. Instead of lugging around your perfume bottle in your bag to spritz yourself every couple hours, why not try a few fragrance hacks instead to help you smell like a dream at all times? Get the most out of your expensive perfumes with these simple tips to help them last longer.

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These are the ten tips to make your perfume last all day and all night.

1.  Moisturize Before Spritzing

Dry skin will not retain your fragrance for long, which is why you should moisturize your skin before applying your perfume. Make sure to use an unscented lotion as you don’t want it to interfere with your favourite scent.

2.  Apply It On Your Skin and Not Your Clothes

Not only do you reduce the risk of staining your clothes, but by spraying it directly onto your skin you help diffuse the fragrance thanks to your body’s heat. This will help it linger for longer.

3. Take Them Out Of The Bathroom

Not many of us even think about this, but where you store your perfume plays a big role too. If you want them to last longer than you shouldn’t keep them in damp, bright or warm places, as it could reduce the quality of your perfume and break it down. Keep it in your dresser in your room, away from the windows, as sunlight could also have negative effects on your pricey perfumes.

4. Straight Out Of The Shower

One secret is to spritz on your fragrance immediately after your shower to help you smell fresh all day long. This is because when you shower, your pores open up thanks to the steam. Since your pores absorb the scent better, it will last much longer compared to otherwise.

5. Pick Your Perfume Wisely

The components of your fragrance play a huge role in how intense your scent is, obviously. The base notes are the most obvious ingredients with the most long-lasting effects, so pick a perfume with base notes like vanilla, patchouli, cedar, pine and woody components. These will help make its effects long lasting.



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