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47 None African Countries You Can Travel To From Uganda Without Visas

95 percent of all countries around the world are visa restricted and this comes as a way to control citizens or none citizens to just enter or leave their territories without a specific purpose and that’s why embassies and High commissions are put in place to work on such issues.[1]

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Majority of Ugandans are not aware of the fact that they’re quite many countries outside Africa you can travel to without a visa in your passport for a specific period of time ranging from one month to three months.

Therefore,[4] you’re allowed to stay for a particular number of days or months according to the arrangement, however you need to find out more information from their consulate offices or embassies.[6]

Fellow Ugandans, you don’t need to cry any more because you were denied a visa to travel overseas, you can utilize this opportunity to travel in one of these countries listed below without a visa in your passport.[1]

1. Singapore
2. Cook Island
3. Barbados
4. Antigua and Barbuda
5. Bahamas
6. Belize
7. Dominican republic
8. Hong Kong
9. Haiti
10. Jamaica
11. Fiji island
12. Grenada
13. Montseratt
14. Micronesia
15. Saint kitts and Nevis
16. Malaysia
17. Niue
18. Ecuador
19. El Salvador
20. Philippines
21. Kosovo
22. British Virgin islands
23. Armenia
24. Bangladesh
25. Nicaragua
26. Azerbaijan
27. Vanuatu
28. Belarus
29. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.[3]
30. Turks and Caicos island
31. Jordan
32. Georgia
33. Saint Lucia
34. Iraq
35. Cambodia
36. Nepal
37. Comoros
38. Macau
39. Laos
40. Maldives
41. Samoa
42. Nauru
43. East Timor
44. Sao Tome and Principe.[1]
45. Tuvalu
46. Sri Lanka
47. Bolivia

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