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Angella Katatumba Sued Chicken Tonight With A Charge Of One Billion Shillings

Angella Katatumba Sued Chicken Tonight With A Charge Of Ush 1 Billion

The singer and one of the girls from a rich family, Angella Katatumba faced it rough when she was badly beaten, and her eyes were made swollen by workers at “Chicken Tonight”, Kabalagala. It is reported that the manager of that place returned Katatumba’s bag to her, but when she reached home, her money was missing amounting to 6.2 million Shillings.

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Angella Katatumba charged 1 billion from “Chicken Tonight” management.

However, the longtime singer Angella Katatumba was badly beaten up at Chicken Tonight,  Kabalagala with her Jamaican love bird, Kuzi Kz and without waisting time, herself and Allan Katatumba her brother,recently opened up a case file at Kabalagala police station under file number CRB353/18 claiming for fine and compensation USH 1000,000,000 millions.

It’s remembered that Angella Katatumba and Kuzi Kz started up a serious fight at Chicken Tonight, after Kuzi allegedly being given Chlli sauce instead of Tomato sauce by a chicken tonight waiter. After realizing the mistake, the waiter didn’t apologize but instead started up a verbal war that later arose into a physical war. This war resulted into injuries and money loss as it ended.

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