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American killed this
Another lion which was killed by another American in Zimbabwe

Another American citizen suspected of illegally killing a lion in Zimbabwe

The second American citzen known as Jan Casmir Sieski, a residence of Murrysville, Pennsylvania who illegally killed a lion in Zimbabwe is being looked for by Zimbabwean officials.

In April, Jan illegally involved himself in hunting near Hwange National Park, reports say that he used similar hunting weapons such as bow and arrow which the other American dentist Walter Palmer used to kill Cecil recently which they said to have been very famous in Zimbabwe.

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The Zimbabwean officials arrested Mr Sibanda Headman, the owner of the safari company for organizing illegal hunting without permit and he will help them to carry out proper investigations so as to find out what really happened in the process of hunting

This other American also enjoyed to kill!

When Walter killed the famous lion known as Cecil, he thought he was doing the right thing because he was used to such activities and it wasn’t his first time to kill a wide animal, reports said that Walter paid about $50,000 and he was allowed to go ahead with a hunt relying on his guides, however two Zimbabwean citizens whom they reportedly said got involved in Cecil hunt were arrested, Walter is still wanted by Zimbabwean officials in order to face the charges.

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