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Congo Ordered Telecoms To Cut Internet And SMS Access Ahead Of  Mass Protests

congo people

Authoritarian leaders are fond of severing communications in a bid to hold on to power, and that tradition sadly isn’t going away. The Democratic Republic of Congo ‘s government has ordered telecoms to cut internet and SMS access ahead of planned mass protests against President Joseph Kabila, whose administration has continuously delayed elections to replace him. Check also: China To Build Congo Brazzaville’s New €50 ...

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The Importance Of Having A Website For Your Business

website users

Every business person would like to operate in a professional way, now days the internet has simplified almost 90% of the global economy, there’s no doubt about that! If you have a global business, the easiest way your clients will get to know you is through your website. Check also: Russia threatens to ban Facebook twitter and Google According to statistics, ...

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Brian White’s Bodyguard Was Kizza Besigye’s Tormentor

brian white's bodyguard and besigye

The security operative who tormented Dr Kizza Besigye during the course of the year happens to be the one who acted at some point as chief body guard to socialite,  Brian White. Check also: Besigye Can Still Stand For Presidency Even When He Turns 90 If The Age Limit Clause Is Amended- Muhwezi Says According to photos, the unidentified security operative ...

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The Differences And Similarities Between Trump And Kim Jong Un

trump and kin jong un

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un and President Trump have engaged themselves in a “war of words,” or at least childish insults, that has made headlines over the past few months. The rivalry that has spun barbs like, “dotard,” and “short and fat,” still openly suggests war and destruction. Check also: North Korea Has Missiles That Can Reach US, General Says Despite the animosity ...

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