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How He Infected Me With HIV / AIDS And Spoilt My Future Plans

my future

My name is Sarah and as am speaking now, my time is short. I started coming to my senses in primary three and could now differentiate between some things, whether good or bad. I was loved so much by my parents because I was their favourite daughter, I was bright, and at the same time very beautiful at that tender ...

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10 Signs That Shows He Is Not In True Love With You

love relationship

Falling in love is something that you need to go into when you’re strong enough to face different challenges, remember the person you’ve fallen in love with has different behaviours and preferences. Check also: 11 Thoughts A Girl Thinks Before She Decides To Make A Move On A Man She Loves Some men pretend to fall in love with women they ...

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Why Is Valentine Celebrated On 14th Of February?-History

Valentine Celebrated On 14th Of December

Every February 14 across the world, candy especially chocolates, flowers and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine. But who is this mysterious saint, and where did these traditions come from? Find out about the history of this centuries-old holiday, from ancient Roman rituals to the customs of Victorian England. Check also: No One ...

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5 Conversations You Should Have With Your Boyfriend

boyfriend conversations with u

You may be very close to your boyfriend and this might be the best thing that has happened to you but still, you might be hesitant about having some important conversations with him. This year, aim to change that. Check also: 11 Thoughts A Girl Thinks Before She Decides To Make A Move On A Man She Loves Here are 5 conversations you should have ...

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