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Drc and Uganda to fight rebels
Joseph Kabila of DR Congo

DRC and Uganda to share military information to fight Rebels

This was after the two leaders President Museveni and President  kabila of Uganda and DRC respectively met in Kasese to discuss about security.[9]

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The  meeting ended into a concensus of sharing intel to fight the rebels within their countries borders.

DRC President Joseph Kabila and Uganda President Yoweri Museveni made the announcement after meeting in Uganda to discuss security.[5]

The Uganda-based rebel group Allied Democratic Forces has killed at least 500 civilians in the Beni region in the DRC’s Kivu province since October 2014.[8]

“We have decided to fight against all forms of recruitment from Uganda,” Museveni said.[2] “We are currently taking steps with security services so that they can exchange the needed information,[3] but we also recognise that there may be recruitment from Congo.”

Eastern DRC is home to multiple armed groups competing for control of the region’s vast mineral resources.

One former rebel group, M23, operated in eastern Congo from 2012 until it was repulsed by UN forces and the army.[2] More than 1 000 rebels fled to Rwanda and Uganda before a 2013 peace agreement. Museveni said Uganda would hand over any remaining former rebels.[7]

The leaders also said they will form a joint committee on oil exploration.

Source: News24

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