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OnHub router

Google Launches OnHub Router which will give you fast & secure Wi-Fi

Google together with its partner TP-LINK have launched the $199.99 OnHub Router today which it says will solve many issues that you’re facing with the existing router. Google promised that the OnHub router will give you a fast, secure and easy Wi-Fi to your device.

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The existing router has issues of Wi-Fi slowing to crawl, and if you need to make it speed up, you have to unplug the device, hold on a minute, plug it back and then you will see the speed back on.

Google says that the setup is simple and the device scans your local airwaves automatically so that it can detect the favourite channel for you, it has a smart software and a special antenna design which keeps adjusting OnHub automatically to enable the best network performance.

The OnHub router will simplify Wi-Fi connectivity on all your devices and it will be controlled by one mobile App that uses iOS and Android of which App you can aswell use to quickly send Wi-Fi passwords to your pals. The next release updates and new features will be installed automatically by the router.

OnHub router is now available at Amazon, Walmat and on the Google store in the US, it will soon come in Canada and in the US retail stores.



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