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Herbal Medicine Kept Me Alive-Museveni

At last our President reveals Museveni what has kept him alive and healthy enabling him to rule and lead Uganda for over 30 years.

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Museveni revealed this while speaking to the young graduates from various districts of Uganda that graduated in herbal medicine practice at the Uganda North American Youth Development Association.

The president said that at the age of 3 years he was bed ridden and he was taken to a certain lady who had to chew herbal medicine and directly administer it into his mouth.

“Am Alive because of that lady. When I grew up I visited and thanked her,” Museveni added.

M7 urged his natives to have self-confidence and understand the laws of nature and use them effectively to help others.

He said: “Science is not witchcraft; the trees used in herbal medicine were made by God. Our job is to establish dominion over nature as the first chapter of the bible (Genesis) laments.

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