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Mayweather Escaped Death By Some Unknown Assassins

Lucky World Boxing Champion Mayweather Escaped Death By Some Unknown Assassins

The fighting giant Mayweather Floyd’s bodyguards were wounded when an assassin in a vehicle opened fire on the former boxer’s car in Atlanta on Monday, and the police announced.

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Mayweather escaped death when an assassin missed him in a car he thought he was.

Luckily enough, Mayweather wasn’t in the car that was shot onto, and did not suffer any single injury in that incident. Those reports came from the spokesman, Atlanta Police Department.

However, Mayweather’s bodyguard Gregory LaRosa, was seriously injured on the leg after being shot, and was released from hospital three hours later after the incident.

Using this official twitter handle, he put some amazing statement implying that;

“I don’t know nothing about tomorrow but i’m leaving for today”. He lamented.

Suddenly, a vehicle pulled up to the SUVs in an intersection and a gunman inside opened up a war, and shot LaRosa’s lower leg. But on the safe side, the driver of the vehicle LaRosa was took him straight to hospital earlier.

The police in believes that the shooter was followed up by  group that was ready to start up a big fight at the scene, but unfortunately, Mayweather was in Atlanta to promote a boxing event in Las Vegas on Saturday night, were he survived death.

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