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Nkurunziza's General
The assasinated top Burundian Genral, Adolphe Nshimirimana

Pierre Nkurunziza’s General Has Been Killed

The Burundian top general Adolphe Nshimirimana has been killed in the capital Bujumbura today on Sunday in an ambush while in his car, he has been Nkurunziza’s trusted general, he was also a key player and a master-mind during the recent protests against the president’s third term bid aswell as cracking down coup attempts.

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Nshimirimana’s car was badly shot with automatic gunfire in Bujumbura, later he was confirmed dead with his driver, his death was also confirmed by Nkurunziza’s communications chief, Willy Nyamitwe.

Adolphe was a trusted General!

Police has arrested seven people who are suspected to be behind the assassination of General Nshimirimana, however the security forces and other army Generals are nervous of what has just happened. This incident is regarded as revenge attack.

We should continue to pray for Burundi because as we see, many people are still dying and this is resulting from the current president who doesn’t want to leave the seat for one body else.

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