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You can now sign up on messenger without facebook account

On Wednesday,[5]   the social network giant made an announcement that it took another step where by you no longer need to be active on Facebook account in order to use Facebook messenger app.

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In order to use this app, someone without Facebook accounts can just enter his or her phone number,[1]   name aswell as photo, it’s just like competing with whatsApp and snapchat which both require users to put in their phone numbers before they communicate.[6]

For now when users from the United States, Venezuela and Canada those without Facebook accounts happen to download the app,[3]   they will be seeing a new “ not on Facebook?” option on the sign up screen which simply gives them a chance to create an account for Facebook messenger using their phone numbers and names.[8]

People using messenger without Facebook accounts will still see the app features which includes voice and video calls aswell as payments and stickers.

Please note that this is a new standalone platform with more than a billion downloads,[5]   it will only rely on your phone contacts in order to find friends on the network and if you don’t have a Facebook account, you will not be able to access messages on the web like those with active accounts on facebook.com.

The company has not yet specified when the App will open its new sign ups to other countries, but very soon it will reach else where, just be a little patient, its coming soon.[1]

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