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Sony's first Aerosense drone being tested

Sony just Launched its Upcoming Aerosense Drone

Sony in cooperation with Japanese automation specialists ZMP just made an anouncement in a few hours that its soon coming up with its first aerosense drone.

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This aerosense prototype is not made to carry people but its purposely made for business such as carrying gadgets and cargo of up to 22 pounds, this drone will only be capable to fly for more than two hours, with 106km/hours as its maximum speed.

The purpose of this Aerosense model is for business especially to help customers to survey, inspect facilities or observing properties and measuring land.

The aerosense drone has wings which makes it to fly like a small jet, the rotating turbines helps it to takeoff and land vertically just like a fighter jet.

At the moment, equipment is on the testing process and once they are through with that, the drone s will be put on sell next year 2016.

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