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Zimbabwe To Begin Car Production, Aiming To Export Throughout Africa

Soon or later, Zimbabwe will begin manufacturing its own car model which it says will export to other African countries, the government signed a Memorandum of Understanding with an Italian firm known as El Badaoui group which will head the car production.

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The president of El Badaoui Group, Mr Georges El Badaoui, who is also the current Zimbabwean Honorary Consulate in Milan, Italy inspected Willowvale Mazda Motor Industries in order to evaluate the facility currently in place.

When the car production begins, Zimbabwe will be a regional car production giant and this will be of a great benefit to the government, being the chairman of the African Union, president Mugabe has all along been calling for value addition and beneficiation of minerals and other products in Africa.


Mr Badaoui said they are still searching for a suitable institution which will be involved in designing the prototype aswell as the better location of the car plant.

Our cooperation with El Badaoui is not only with car manufacturing sector, but to also include the establishment of the innovation company to analize the country’s raw materials and natural resources aiming value addition and beneficiation, “said Minister Bimha.”

When asked how much the company will invest in Zimbabwe

Mr El Badaoui said right now they need to first of all focus on innovation before coming up with figures, he said the country has plenty of natural resources but they need to figure out the right way to process them at a lower cost.

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