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10 Things Every Man Should Never Wear On A Date

It’s hard to resist a man who is dressed nice, groomed to perfection, and well-mannered. Dressing nicely on a date helps set you apart from the rest of the wolf pack, which is essential when trying to impress someone. Dating is hard enough as it is, don’t give someone a reason to not want to see you again, especially when it comes to your clothes.

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Here are 10 things that you should never, ever wear on a date

(no matter where you go on the date — although we’d love dinner, thank you).

1). Mustache

Don’t sport a lone mustache on a date. If it’s attached to a beard, that’s fine. You don’t want to look like one of the Village People the first time you meet someone.

2). Pinstripe Suit

I thought these went out of style in the 80s, and if not, watching American Psycho should have solidified this no-no choice. Hopefully you don’t own one. If you do, please get rid of it.

3). Smartwatch

Or an Apple watch. It just makes you look silly, and it makes us think that you like to spend your money on frivolous, ridiculous gadgets. It also reads that you’re a little ostentatious, and you shouldn’t be giving off that vibe on a first date — or any date really.



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