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Over 700 People Death And Hundreds Injured In Stampede In Saudi Arabia

More than 700 people have been crushed to death and hundreds got injuries in a stampede of pilgrims in Saudi Arabia on Thursday,[3] the stampede begun at 9am, but pilgrims were already dehydrated and fainting,[9] this is said to be one of the worst incidents to hit pilgrims in Saudi Arabia.

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The rescue team arrived immediately after the stampede in Mina were nearly two million pilgrims were attending the last rite of Hijja, according to Saudi Arabia’s Civil Defence Service ( SACDS ).


This incident came a few weeks after a construction crane collapsed and hit the Grand Mosque in Mecca killing more than 100 people and injured over 200.[5]

The rescue team is still searching for more dead bodies at the scene which includes pilgrims from many different countries and over 800 pilgrims have been injured.[7]

Many countries including Iran that lost 43 pilgrims have accused Saudi-Arabia for poor safety errors that caused the accident, however,[1] some Saudi Arabian government officials put the blame on pilgrims themselves for failing to follow the rules amended by the authorities, some pilgrims donot respect the time table,[3] they just move outside any how, but if they had followed instructions, this kind of accident would not happen.

Some pilgrims said this year’s Hijja was poorly organized, they didnot bother to implement proper strategies of how all this big number of people will be secure no matter how many pilgrimes will come in.[1]

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