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All Uganda domestic workers reportedly to be expelled from Saudi Arabia

Reports from the Ugandan community working in the Middle East show that some Ugandan domestic workers in Saudi Arabia have been served with letters showing that there is intention to terminate their contracts in 3 months as per a government order.

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According to the same reports, the move has been driven by the international scandal caused by the recent saga in which Ugandan girls complained to the home government that they were being treated like slaves in Saudi Arabia.

According to podcasts by Ugandan workers in Saudi Arabia.

The authorities there say that the recent claims by Ugandan workers in their country was bringing shame on their nation.

Although the authenticity of these claims has not been clearly substantiated, it is claimed that the letters showed that that the Saudi government will not license any more Ugandan workers until there are fresh negotiations on the labor export scheme that saw thousands of Ugandans flock to Saudi Arabia.

“I do not know what I am going to do because I do not even have the money to buy an air ticket home because I have only started working here,” one Ugandan housemaid that claims to have been served with the letter said in a podcast.

It will be remembered that recently, the Ugandan Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Dr Rashid Ssemuddu recently ‘rescued’ seven girls from Riyadh after they complained of poor working conditions.

Source : chimp reports

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