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Akol The Street Kid With A Big Dream – Amazing Story!

“Junior, who’s that fool peeping through my window? go and tell that idiot  to leave that place. What kind of rubbish is that.”Mrs Eryatu ranted. “Mummy, it’s that hopeless Akol. Imagine the Church rat saying he wants to become a surgeon that’s why he comes here to watch this ”Doctors Without boarders” reports on TV.

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Someone who has no hope of even eating in a day” Junior said. Akol’s case was pathetic, he had lost his parents and siblings in a deadly car crash, driven out of his father’s house by his uncles for perceived witchcraft. His Aunty he was staying with burnt him with hot water when her son stole money from her and pinned it on Akol when he threatened he was going to tell his mom.

“It’s very easy to condemn all these streets Children but how many have you helped? Have you asked any of them why they do the things they do? It’s always very easy for us to blame the government, but as an individual how many lives have you affected apart from your family members “Mrs Okello said to Mrs Eryatu.

“You make me laugh. Me,… Mrs Erath, I should stoop so low to ask dustbin children why they do the things they do? That’s appalling and embarrassing.

What if I contract a disease? If not that you are my friend, I would have insulted you squarely. Such impudence”. Mrs Eryatu fired back. Mrs Okello was put off by Mrs Eryatu’s words. She’s never seen such illiteracy fully embroiled in one person who claimed they went to school.

Akol has a big dream indeed!

Such ignorance!! : “I hope to go to school someday again. I know people see us as thieves and no good for nothing children but trust me, this is the least we would ever be. Our condition can be even worst. At least we’re still alive. Me i want to become a big neurosurgeon like Ben Carson later in the future.”Akol said in one of his routine talks to the children.

He had become some sort of demi god too and they always clustered around him. “Akol, Akol, you who might soon die under a taxi with a crashed head. Who told you that you are also allowed to go to school and be like ‘Bin Cousin’ eh.

We street children grow up to be thugs and we die like dogs.” One of the children echoed. “It’s Ben Carson, not ‘Bin Cousin’. He was a poor boy like us, his mom used to be a maid. I read his BOOK-GIFTED HANDS.” Akol replied. A few weeks later, Akol was passing by their usual play ground just some meters away from Mrs Eryatu’s house, he saw a crowd of people gathering at a corner nearby.

He asked one of his fellow playmates what was happening there and was told Junior was dying. Akol ran as fast as his legs could carry him and met a dying Junior almost choking to death.

He lifted Junior up as passersby look on. You know how foolish the world has become. People chose to pull out their smartphones and record the tragedy rather than try to save the person in need of help. The crowd looked on as Akol tried to resuscitate the young man.

Eventually he succeeded in helping him. He had choked on something which got stuck in his throat.. When Mrs Eryatu arrived at the scene, she pushed Akol away and hugged her son so passionately.

“You smelly and irritating child, what did you do to my son” The crowd descended on her with insults and told her how Akol saved her son.. She felt so embarrassed and foolish and could barely lift her head up in shame.

To the street child out there, you can still dream big and achieve what you want in life. It doesn’t matter what you’re going through now, nobody has visited the future to know exactly what God has in store for each one of you. Your dream is as valid as a dream of that child under the care of his/her loving parents. Not every street child is a thief.

Written by William Eninu, Tel: 0783-642052

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