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Posted by LUKWAGO. J: He's a writer, editor, blogger, affiliate and a web developer, he loves thinking creatively and finding new ways to implement different programming ideas.

8 Habits Of Unhappy People & How To Fix Them

unhappy people

When things are going great and everything is perfectly balanced in our lives, it’s easy to be happy. The true test of happiness comes when things aren’t going the way we’d like them to. When life seems a little hectic, we often have to make a conscious decision to be happy and refuse to let chaos bring us down. Remember, ...

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Do These 5 Things Everyday If You Want To Be More Successful

successful richest man

The more credible you are, the more successful and persuasive you’ll be. Try these five methods – they work. In life, when you’re credible, the world and its riches are there for the taking. In fact, your only limitation is what your imagination can dream up. But take away your credibility – and you become a captive that’s trapped. Check also: 12 things successful People ...

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Obesity Is Directly Linked To 8 Additional Cancers

obesity and cancer

While obesity is often associated with a host of other health issues including high blood pressure, stroke and heart attack, a new study is examining how the condition is also related to cancer risk. Check also: 8 Cancer Causing Foods You Should Avoid A review of several studies published today in the New England Journal of Medicine found new associations between obesity the development of eight additional ...

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8 Mistakes Managers Always Make, According to Their Employee’s Perspective

company employees

Last year, I conducted an independent workplace survey on LinkedIn and received hundreds of responses to the question: “What is the ONE mistake leaders make more frequently than others?” It obviously struck a chord, as the sentiments of employees across the globe came streaming in, many of them feeling distressed and disengaged. Check also:  The Youngest Billionaire In Africa, Mohammed Dewji To Create 100,000 Jobs In Tanzania ...

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