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New HIV / AIDS Vaccine To Be Tested In South Africa

HIV vaccine

A vaccine against HIV will be trialled in South Africa later this year after it met the criteria needed to prove it could help fight the epidemic in Africa.[9] Check also: The Man Who Created HIV-AIDS VIRUS Finally Discovers Vaccine 2.1 million infections were reported in the continent in 2015,[3] two thirds of which occurred in sub-Saharan Africa. A small ...

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5 benefits as to why people have to sweat

Sweat is important in people's lives

Sweating is normal and what brings about sweating are many factors that result into a salty watery body.[9] Even though sweat uplifts body unrest below are importances of sweat in your body. Check also: 26 Easy Ways To Lose Weight Naturally 1). It zaps zits We’ve always thought that sweating is the worst thing ever when it comes to keeping ...

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What You Need To Know About Pregnancy

what you need about pregnancy

Pregnancy can happen when a boy and a girl have sex without a condom or other contraceptives. During sex,[9] sperm is deposited in the girl’s Vagina and swims towards the cervix, from then on, you will most likely be expecting a baby. Check also: 7 Facts Why Couples Avoid Sex On Their Wedding Day The sperm swims through the cervix,[4] ...

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Some Of These Popular Shampoo Brands Contain Illegal Cancer Causing Chemicals

shampoo brands

What’s the worst thing you can think of that could happen with shampoo?[9] Suffering an eye burn? Swallowing some by accident? Shampoo is simply a liquid preparation containing soap or detergent for washing the hair.[4] Check also: 7 Things Girls With Beautiful Hair ‘Never Do’ Think again. According to a study carried out by The Center for Environmental Health in ...

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