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Reasons Why Ugandan Mothers Still Die In Labour

ugandan mothers die in labour

Up to now, Uganda still registers a high rate of mothers dying in Labour. With all the technology there, doctors and hospitals, we ask ourselves why Uganda still registers a high rate of maternal mortality rate. The government had endeavored to build hospitals so that mother’s can have access to medication especially when they are pregnant. After all this, why ...

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Uganda To Spend UGX 25 Billion To Block Corona Virus Threat

meeting concerning corona virus

The government of Uganda has increased the opacity of quickly identifying any erupt case of the deadly Corona Virus. Though reports indicate that the country has not received any infected person, the government is set to block the virus. Sadly at a moment, over 24,600 Corona Virus Threat cases were confirmed positive in more than 20 countries which include China ...

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Common Misconceptions About CBD Capsules And Oil Products

CBD capsules

Cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD, is actually going to be one of the most popular compounds that is found within cannabis.  In fact, people have been using cannabis to help treat both mental and physical health problems and symptoms for the past thousands of years. With that being said though, the use of CBD Capsules and oils has only ...

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Bebe Cool Engages In TB Screening Exercise With His Amber Heart Foundation Team

Bebe Cool Engages In TB Screening Exercise With His Amber Heart Team

Celebrated motivational speaker on issues concerning elimination of Tuberculosis, Moses Ssali commonly known as Bebe Cool, has finally joined together with his Amber Heart Foundation team, to volunteer in TB screen exercises. Check also: King Saha Mocks Bebe Cool For Using Journalist Confrontation Some weeks ago, the “Nsilikamu“ Hit maker scooped $400,000 to help in eliminating TB from the country, ...

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Path Uganda Launches Oxygen Strategy To Address Shortages

path Uganda

Path Uganda in partnership with Ministry of Health have  launched a national strategy to scale up medical oxygen supply in health centres. In Uganda there is acute shortage of oxygen in referral hospitals. Permanent Secretary Ministry of health Dr. Diana Atwine while presiding over the ceremony cautioned partners to support government to realize the ambitious strategy. She said in Uganda ...

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